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[Astra Corporate Center]( is a premier 19-storey office tower designed to provide a first-class corporate environment. Our state-of-the-art facility offers generous, flexible, and efficient workspaces tailored to meet the needs of your growing business. Located within a vibrant mixed-use complex, [Astra Corporate Center]( ensures convenience and accessibility, enhancing your business operations. With a focus on creating a dynamic and productive work atmosphere, our office spaces are perfect for fostering growth and innovation. Discover the ultimate in corporate elegance and functionality at [Astra Corporate Center](, where your business can thrive.


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Technical Information

Flooring Bare Concrete
Ceiling Exposed concrete under-slab and beam
Water provision Stub outs provision for executive toilet and pantry
Back-up power 100%
Telecoms and Broadbands Minimum of 2 Providers (Globe and PLDT) Structural Cabling (Voice) - Cat 5e Data Fiber Optic Cable
Fire Detection and Alarm System Addressable Module and Smoke Detector Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
Aircondition System (Provisions only) Individual High Efficiency VRF type AC System with refrigerant line stub-outs
Luchelle Ann Cabigon
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