338 Sqm Office Space for rent


~251,438 monthly

Welcome to your new office at Latitude Corporate Center, where innovation meets sophistication. This premium 338 sqm office space is designed to cater to dynamic businesses seeking an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and growth.

Floor plan

338 Sqm Office Space for rent

Why Latitude Corporate Center?


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Latitude Corporate Center is more than just an office space; it’s a strategic business hub designed to elevate your company’s success. With its blend of luxury, functionality, and innovation, this 338 sqm unit is the perfect setting for companies looking to make a mark in Cebu’s vibrant business landscape.

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338 Sqm Office Space for rent

Technical Information

Floor/Unit 12F/Subdivided floor
Handover Condition Bareshell without A/C
Rent 650/sqm
CUSA 95/sqm
Parking 3,000/slot
Parking CUSA 95/sqm (12.5sqm)

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